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Are you an endurance athlete? Then you know how much impact your clothes have on your COMFORT and PERFORMANCE. CCN Sport follows the latest trends with high quality, customised and cozy sportswear. At least one factor I never have to worry about in a race.


Passion towards CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT is what connects 720armour and me. I always believe I have the best sunglasses, but then  a new model is released… I love the way they combine PROFESSIONALISM and friendliness. I see the world differently through 720armour.  


With Casco Helmets, you will never lose your head during endurance training or racing. Apart from my aerodynamic nose and chin, Casco helps me achieve my best speed. This German-family brand develops solutions that make helmets as SAFE, COMFORTABLE and FLEXIBLE as possible.

Despite the fact that Novatel serves HIGH-QUALITY ICT INFRASTRUCTURE and EXCEPTIONAL CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE to businesses, it never forgets individuals. Connectivity is the key in every aspect of life. Novatel enables me to connect to the world of triathlon and supports me through my ups and downs.


Combridge has got my back in all the episodes of my life and encourages me to compete at my best with AMAZING CAMPAIGNS. It’s a great pleasure to be part of a multinational company, who offers EXCELLENT ICT SOLUTIONS. Eastern Europe has much potentials and we work together to prove it!

The handiest brick that can sit in your pocket. I always have at least one MaBaker Giant Bar with me wherever I go. I never get bored of the various tastes, but my all time favourite is coffee. These HAND MADE OAT BARS use natural ingredients and allow me to live a HEALTHIER LIFE.


When you touch something and you feel the quality, that is DARE. The result of the most PRECISE TEAM I have ever worked with. DARE carefully injects the HIGHEST PREFORMANCE and BEST QUALITY into each bike. My TSRf is elegant, cool, comfortable, reliable, fast and I am proud to ride it.


What more can an athlete wish for than being supported by his home? Covasna County Council has always helped me develop in my career and fulfil my dreams. We have come a long way together and proved to deserve the support from each other.  CULTURE, NATURE, HISTORY and LOVE are the connecting between us.

This young and enthusiastic team controls my dental health, and intensely participates in my everyday-life. Their consciousness does not end with supporting an athlete, but they all live a HEALTH-PROMOTING LIFESTYLE. The clinic offers high quality dental treatment in a relaxing ambiance. 


AMBRONITE COMPLETE MILK SHAKE saves me from worrying about my diet. No matter where I am, how little time I have, I know I EAT HEALTHY. Shake, shake shakeee – glug-glug and the HIGHEST QUALITY NATURAL INGREDIENTS are already doing their job. I use Ambronite in the morning, before and after trainings, pretty much the whole day. 


Riding is when you have the least control over your own performance, much depends on your equipment. Your only connection with reality are your tires. Challenge tires allow me to focus on my part, they do theirs in helping me achieving my MAXIMUM SPEED and POTENTIAL.


SPEED and DURABILITY describe SLF Motion the best. A professional mechanical with great passion for racing and continuous development designs excellent HYPER SPEED SYSTEMS to allow us to ride on the highest level: smoother, lighter and faster. A new step into the future.



We are responsible for the next generations. Children and young adults need role models outside their virtual reality. We have to prove to them that strong will, hard work and persistence will make them become anything they want to be.


What drives an ironman to swim 3.8 km, ride 180 km and then run a Marathon (42 km) just in one race? Use all his energy and resources leading to complete exhaustion. Then build himself up for the next trial and do it all over again?


Apart from the motivational presentations, I do all kinds of group-forming, social events. You can find me playing a self-designed Triathlon Board Game in a bar, or showing the right running techniques in a park.


Study, work, or tri?

Keeping up with the demands of training while maintaining a full academic and working schedule is not easy. The mentor program is designed to help young talents avoid giving up their triathlon career early on in their life.

Social Activities

Triathlon is a selfish sport. 

Swimming, cycling and running requires a lot of time and energy. However, raising awareness of the importance of sports and a healthy lifestyle is what a triathlete can pass on to the society.


Develop your inner power!

Do you have a unique set of goals but do not know how to reach them? We will maximise your capacity to perform at your best and become who you always wanted to be.