Ultimate Triathlon Australia 2013 (ENG)

My first competition in Australia. In Australia it is the end of the Triathlon season, but for me it was the first competition this year. For my first competition I chose the Ultimate triathlon in Batemans Bay. The distances swim startwere 2km swim-120km (hard course) bike-20km run. My fear was the bike, because coming from home (Transylvania) I couldn’t train on road at all for a few months.

The swim was in the Ocean, which was something new for me as well, but still I had a good result.  The bike course was 2 laps, the first part of the track was steep and versatile, but still with my fears I was going easy, until the end of the first laps – where we (other athletes)rode an extra  10km. The reason it was obvious, the organisers did not sign the track at the time we arrived at specific turn.

When I realised the bike fmistake I broke down mentally, I wanted to go back and give up the competition.  When I got closer to the racing centre I started counting the athletes returing, who where doing their second lap. Counting them I realised I was in about the 30th place, and then I decided to continue the race. My whole second lap I did it by my self, and I went really well.

When I finished the bike track, I got down from the bike and started the 20km run. I was about the 20th place at the time. I was expecting for a good run, because I was in a good shape.run s

I finished the race the 9th place. At the time I felt  my run  wasn’t so good, but looking at the published results I could see  my running time was the best in the race.

At the end of the competition the organisers said sorry for the mistake…

Is no point counting after a race but in this situation if I would finished the bike ride at a better position the whole race would have been more interesting for me.  

I am satisfied with my achievement but unfortunately not with the results.

3 thoughts on “Ultimate Triathlon Australia 2013 (ENG)

  1. Strength is found when you learn from your experience. It’s a fantastic result well done

  2. Good job! You will use all the training you did there,when you go back to Europe… Wish you a good season in 2013 🙂

  3. Good job! You will use all the training you did there,when you go back to Europe… Wish you a good season in 2013 🙂

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