Ironman 70.3 Taiwan 2013 (ENG)

My first official Ironman 70.3 happened to be in Taiwan. I planed my trip months before and I arrived two days before the race. Taking part in a important race it is obvious that before the race

pros DeakI was excited but I didn’t worry at all.

The day before the race I had a short bike training in the morning, and in the afternoon I went to the pros news conference followed by the meeting. I finished the day with carbo-loading dinner.

On the day of the race I got up 3:30 in the morning, because I had to be at the start line for 5 o’clock. It was raining heavily all night, and the sea become horrible. The organisers decided to cancel the swim, so instead of swim the race started with 6K run. run Zsombor Deak

Nobody started fast witch it was perfect for me because I don’t like to start fast. After 5 minutes run I got in the front and I directed the tempo. It was like an easy interval training, but it was ok because I knew that the race is long. I entered the T1 position first, but my bike didn’t have a good place and unfortunately I had some issue with my shoes.

Bike Zsombor DeakSo I started the bike in about 8th place. After 15K we got to the first bigger rising and on the top I was the third. The first two guys in front of me -Fredrik and Guy- were one and half minutes before me. I rode alone about 40K, when Yu arrived. We rode together for 15K, when I got a deadlock, so I was alone again. I finished the bike on the 4th position. The first two guys finished the bike with a major advance and I didn’t bother to get them. After 5-6K run I was third. From this time I just wished to save my position. The first 10K it was good, but after each K it got harder and harder. My legs were like concrete. 

I was running already 19K and I was calm knowing that I had just 2 more K to the finish line. At this time I thought that nobody can take my position. In the last K the Japan legend Hiroyuki (two times Olympics) came almost from nowhere, and he took me over quite easy. And yes I finished on the 4th place.8 podium

All in one – I am satisfied with my result but not exactly with the achievement.






Thanks for all my sponsors and all who supported me! 

My next race -Forster Challenge- is due on the 23rd of November.