Challenge Philippines 2014 (ENG)

I was looking forward to the race “Challenge Philippines”. I arrived in Subic three day before the race. IMAG0093The travel was long, house to house was more than one day. Compressport R2 help me a lot in the travel and also in the recovery of my leg. I had my accommodation in Subic Homes, with most of the pro athletes. It was a perfect place for the training and preparation for the race.
The days before the race I had a chance to check out the race course, but not the full length.
The bike course was very difficult (5 hills) and the road seal “wasn’t the best”, but all in all I liked it. The run course was also interesting… maybe just the transition area was flat 🙂
988395_686383084746879_222650011_nOn the race day I woke up early 3:30, and after a quick breakfast we were taken to the race center. Everything was good before the start. I was calm and ready for the start. 1796477_540749072707692_243174760_n
My start was good and even that after 100m I run into to the fight, I have lost more positions. I swam easy, but not at the best place. When I finished the swim I was running fast ran to my bike. Off course the bike course started with a hill, where I was really careful. The bike road was only up and down. The second part on the bike I was feeling much better.

Fast T2 start the run. I used sudden rush, and it help me to change easily from bike to run. After 10K my feeling was very good and I saw I can entry to the top 10. I started to run faster. In about 15K I catch up with Macca and we started the run together. We had a short talk and we decided to finish together. After we just overcome same hills, jungle, sand run etc., we did it! 1911681_10203521514027415_399277708_n

It was a great race and if it’s possible I will come back the next year.
The days after the race we stayed a few more days in Subic with the guys and we did some easy training together.
IMAG0102_BURST002Thank you for all the organizers, for the invitation and a very special thanks for Anna, who help me to get to the race!


Thanks for all my sponsors: CCN Sport,  Compressport,  Kangazilla,                          Sudden Rush,  Ryders Eyewear!

Of course thank you all who supported me!!!!!!!!!!!!